Top 5 Thanos’ Powers without Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos is probably the most badass villain in the Marvel Universe. You might see MCU’s Thanos as an “Anti-Hero”. He alone is able to destroy the Avengers team. We have seen him destroying half of the universe by the snap of his fingers. Here are the top five powers of Thanos that he has without Infinity Gauntlet.


Thanos fighting Blackbolt
Thanos vs Blackbolt

His skin in nearly invulnerable, particularly against heat, cold, electricity, radiation, toxins, ageing, and disease. He can survive indefinitely without food or water. He has survived three-pointed screams from Black Bolt back to back without any damage. In addition, Thanos also possess the healing factor and regenerate itself.

4.Master strategist

Thanos on his Space Throne
Thanos on his Space Throne

Thanos is physically very powerful, but the greatest weapon of Thanos is perhaps his intellect. He is the first to think of using all the infinity stones together. Thanos is the most intelligent being in the Multiverse, aside from the Omniscient characters. Thanos has mastered in sciences far beyond Earth technology. The vast amount of knowledge that truly make him an omniversal threat.

3.Mystical Knowledge

He doesn't need all those stones.

Thanos also has knowledge of the mystic arts. He is able to cast very strong spells. He had even ‘cursed’ Deadpool with immortality because he didn’t want Deadpool to meet Lady Death. His incredible intellect allows him to combine his mystical skills with his technological marvels. One such example of this is his Space Throne which has the ability to teleportation.

2. He is an Eternal

Thanos projecting energy
Thanos projecting energy

Yes! Thanos belongs to Eternals but with a mutation. Thanos possesses all the powers of Eternals, including super-strength, invulnerability, endurance, reflexes, flight, teleportation, advanced intelligence, force field generation and more. His Deviant mutation makes him bigger and stronger than his fellow Eternals. Thanos can project a psionic blast of energy as well as blasts of plasma/cosmic energy from his eyes and hands.


He has telepathic powers
Thanos has telepathic powers

It is Thanos’s one most dangerous power accompanied by his great intellect and strategies. He can manipulate and corrupt someone from great distances without even speaking. Even without the Mind Stone, Thanos is able to reach into another’s mind and speak with them, sometimes even controlling them. In addition, his mind is also invulnerable to most forms of psychic attack.

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  1. You are right Sumit. But it is not possible for Avengers to defeat Thanos with that much power and it’s not right time to introduce Cosmic entities.


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