Top 5 Microscopic Images, you would not want to miss!

As we promised in our last post: Award Winning Videos of Microscopic World, we are here with top five microscopic images that you don’t want to miss.

#5 Human neural rosette primordial brain cells

This brain cell is differentiated from embryonic stem cells in the culture dish.

#4 Micrasterias thomasiana (algae)

This alga displays a bilateral symmetry, with two mirror-image semi-cells joined by a narrow isthmus containing the nucleus of the organism. This image is taken with 400x magnification.

#3 Tentacles of a Carnivorous Plant

#2 Dyed Human hair

#1 Volvox

This image shows living Volvox algae releasing its daughter colonies.

This image looks like a smiling Pacman eating eats Pac-dots.

Rakesh Barwar
Rakesh Barwar
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