Top 3 ways to remove Pesticides from foods.

Almost everyone reading this article might have a lot of fruits and vegetables in their daily healthy diet. But you might have a lot of worry about their quality. Don’t worry, we are here with this post which provides you with the top 3 ways to remove pesticides from your food/produce.

In our modern world, almost no food is 100% pesticides free. Surprisingly, even organic produce/food may contain some pesticide residues. So it is important to wash your produce before eating it. Washing produce is important to prevent foodborne illness and substantially reduce your exposure to pesticides.

washing apples under tap water

For example, Apples treated with wax for extra shine and they will retain the shine despite your scrubbing. So, how worried should you be about pesticides?

How to remove Pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Plain Water:  It was found that tap water only reduced the residue of five different pesticides by 20%. Distilled or filtered water may be more effective (but everyone can’t get that).  And a good several-minute soak can be more helpful for cutting down on bacteria and reducing pesticide levels.

Best method out there is Salt Water. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to remove certain pesticides.

Vinegar: Vinegar is cheap, cost-effective and nontoxic. It was found that washing tomatoes in a vinegar solution significantly reduced the residues of six different pesticides, some by as much as 94%.  It also reduced 98% of the bacteria on apples and pears. You could make a spray bottle with one part vinegar to three parts water and use it in washing your produce.

Baking Soda: Surprisingly, the baking soda solution was found to be most effective at removing pesticide residues both on the surface and beneath the skin of apples.

Baking Soda in the jar

In October 2017, researchers published a study that said soaking apples in a baking soda and water solution for 12–15 minutes can remove almost every trace of pesticides from the fruit’s surface. But who has that much time for washing their produce? Most people would never wash vegetables for longer than a couple of minutes. So we have a solution to this problem also (below).

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Commercial veggie washes: Recent Studies found that washing certain fruits and vegetables with a commercial veggie wash is no more effective. It works same as rinsing them under tap water for a minute when it came to getting rid of pesticides. So, don’t waste your money on these veggie washes.

What could you do?

We discussed above the top 3 ways o remove pesticides from produce. Above methods are effective but not practical. So, we have updated and adapted them to be more practical for daily use.

You could keep a spray bottle of diluted vinegar on hand for quick rinses and baking soda for when you have the time. Simply soaking your vegetables for a few minutes or rinsing your produce in running water for at least 30 seconds will help the food you eat and serve be safe.

Eat healthy, Live healthy

You should eat fruits and vegetables if you want to live a healthy life. But don’t stop eating them. Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies is one of the best things you can do for your health.

“Wash, Eat, Repeat.” Your daily mantra for a healthy life.

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