This tooth-mounted sensor is coming soon to make your life sorted!

You have your Apple Watch or any other fitness tracker for tracking fitness-related metrics, calorie consumption, heartbeat etc. But who takes care of your diet, you consumed? Don’t worry researchers have developed a sticker like a tooth-mounted sensor that will track your food intake.

(Don’t want to stick this golden square on your pearly teeth? – the solution at end of the post.)

Most Comfortable Wearable

Researchers at Tufts University have developed this tiny, wireless golden sensor. The 2X2 millimeter flexible sensor can bond to a tooth’s uneven surface. This tooth sensor can track glucose, salt & alcohol, and wirelessly transmit the information to devices like your smartphone & iPad.

The tooth-mounted sensor.
The tooth-mounted sensor. Photo: Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University.

This tooth-mounted sensor is still a prototype and the researchers hope to develop it to detect a far wider range of chemicals and nutrients. The sensor is not yet available in the markets, but it is very promising in terms of future diet management.

How does it work?

This sensor has sandwich-like construction and made of three layers: two outer gold rings, and an inner layer of a bioresponsive material that is sensitive to glucose, salt, and alcohol.

The three layers together act as a tiny antenna, collecting and transmitting waves in the radiofrequency spectrum.

When the bioresponsive layer comes into contact with some salt or alcohol, its electrical properties changes. This causes the sensor to absorb and transmit a different spectrum of radiofrequency waves, with varying intensity.

In this way, the sensor can pick out what compounds are being introduced into the mouth.

What’s the Future?

The researcher stated that:

In theory, we can modify the bioresponsive layer in these sensors to target other chemicals – we are really limited only by our creativity.

  • This means that one day this sensor would be able to detect a wide range of products we consume.
  • The tooth-mounted sensor can monitor sugar intake that will be useful for most diabetes patients.

No Sensor on Tooth!

You might have thought that who would want to stick this golden square computer chip on his/her tooth? Why don’t shape it like a circle, flower or an Apple logo?

Actually, the sensor could simply be attached to the back of a tooth where it is not visible at all. The sensor(in the picture) was attached on the front of the tooth, simply to show off the technology.

Rakesh Barwar
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