Superman’s Power you can have

Superman is probably the most popular Superhero of all times. He is one of the most powerful characters in DC Universe. Is he overpowered? Does Superman have the ability to manipulate the basic laws of Science? In this post, we will analyze the powers of Superman which are based on real science.

If we had to give a biological explanation for the Superman, we would explain him as  “a hybrid of plant and elite human possessing powers of both with a human body.” If you don’t know much about Superman’s power read: 10 powers Superman has you can not even think.

Here is a list of Superman’s power you can have

Actually, It is not possible for a normal human being to have all the powers of Superman. But we will able to get some of these abilities by using some prosthetics or by the mutation/genetic engineering in our future. We can explain them simply by taking examples of machines and plants.

Cold Breath

Superman using Cold Breath
Superman using Cold Breath

This is the only Superman’s power which follows laws of science and practically correct to some point. Let’s try it your own.

  • Open your mouth fully and place your hand infont of your mouth, now exhale air at pressure. You will scence hot air coming out of your mouth.
  • Now move your hand a little far from your moth and squeeze your lips to make a thinner opening and exhale air out. This time you will see a slighter cold air than the previous one. That’s exactly is Cold Breathbecause Superman can exhale at a very great pressure.

To get Superman’s Cold breath, you should have very strong lungs and have pressure much stronger than the pressure inside a gas cylinder.

Now the question arises where the super strength of Superman came from? Let’s find out it below:

Evergreen Energy

Superman food source is Sun.
Super Source Sun.

Superman gets energy directly from the sun and doesn’t even need food and water. Wonder how? Let’s explain.

Superman (biologically) is more like Plants. He gets his food, energy, super strength, stamina and healing powers just from the sun. Like Plants, he uses photosynthesis to generate energy but at a very fast rate. Superman is an alien and a Kryptonian, he has pigments in his cells which convert unlimited solar energy into chemical energy for his use. In addition, Superman can surprisingly store unlimited energy in him.

If you are a plant (HA HA HA) then you definitely have this power.

Ability to Fly

Yes! He can fly

Superman belongs to planet Krypton which has a greater force of gravitation than Earth. Actually, Superman can jump over large distances but he can’t fly as we have seen in comics & movies.

You might know that Moon has lower gravity than Earth and astronauts can jump there at a higher level as compared to Earth. Similarly, Superman can jump but with a greater force which gives him the ability to cross larger distances.

Yes! It is difficult for science to make a (perfect) Superman but it is easy for you to share this post and let your friends know some of the possibility of Superman.

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