Top 5 ways to kill Tardigrades: the toughest animal on Earth!

Tardigrades aka water bear or moss piglet, the most indestructible organism on the planet Earth.

They can withstand boiling water or freezing temperature, crushing pressure of deep ocean. They can also survive without water and even can survive in the vacuum of space. (*reality explained below).

And Today, We are going to tell you the easiest way to kill these tiny microscopic Tardigrades.

Before killing this tiny organism, let us know about the reality of Tardigrades.

Reality of Tardigrades

The sad reality is that: Tardigrades are basically indestructible only when they enter a special state called cryptobiosis.

In cryptobiosis, a tardigrade moults its skin, its cells shut down their metabolism, lose most of their water, protect their DNA and appear to be lifeless. In this state, their metabolism may decline to as little as 0.01 per cent of its normal rate.

Transformation of Tardigrade into Tun
Transformation of Tardigrade into Tun | Credit: ScienceDirect

Tardigrade has to complete the transformation before turning into a tun, and this transformation takes about an hour.

Reality is that a live, active tardigrade can’t survive extreme cold, heat, high pressure or vacuum.

Also, not all species are equally tough. Different species of tardigrades have different adaptations for a wide variety of environmental threats.

It is not possible for a single tun to have the ability to withstand different environmental conditions (like withstanding freezing temperature and extreme heat & pressure at the same time).

Top 5 easiest way to kill Tardigrades

We already know its very easy to kill them when they are alive and in the active stage.

  1. Just eat them, your stomach acid will instantly kill them. (actually, you might be drinking them with water)
  2. If somehow they got in your bloodstream, your immune system will take care of that and shortly kill them.
  3. They have natural predators like nematodes, other tardigrades, bacteria, algae, mites etc.
  4. Give them a hot shower, Tardigrades die quickly in a hot shower.
  5. They can also be physically damaged as well.
  6. Do whatever you want to do with them. Throw them in space, in boiling water, in lava, in liquid nitrogen; they can’t survive.

Do you want to kill this microscopic organism? Actually, there is no need to kill them.

Tardigrades are not harmful to humans. Even if we accidentally drink them they would not infect your stomach.

Rakesh Barwar
Rakesh Barwar
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