Is it possible to become Hulk? Can science do it?

We have seen a clam and peaceful scientist turns into an uncontrollable green monster powered by his rage, called Hulk. His capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless. But “Is Hulk Possible?” To know this we had to study his origin.

Hulk’s Origin

Bruce Banner has developed a powerful Gamma Bomb. But just as it is about to be tested, the accident happens and Banner was hit by intense gamma rays. Somehow he managed to survive the radiation and his body transforms into a Hulk.

Hulk's Origin
Hulk’s Origin

“Gamma rays don’t turn you into hulk but definitely turns you ashes like half of the MCU.”

The reality of Gamma Rays

A diagram showing a nucleus decaying by emission of a gamma ray. Protons are red and neutrons are blue.
Gamma Decay

So, Gamma rays are blamed for making Bruce Banner the Incredible Hulk. But do you know what can they really do?

Gamma rays are the highest-energy form of light. A gamma ray has at least 10,000 times more energy than a visible light ray. Gamma rays are not green like you see in the Marvel universe. These rays lie beyond the visible spectrum so they have no colour(same as X-rays) and can not be seen by human eyes.

Gamma rays are so powerful that they can knock out electrons from an atom and breaks chemical bonds. These can easily disrupt the delicate chemical machinery of the cell.

From this point of view, it is impossible to create Hulk. Now let’s think about the biological consequences.

Challenges to Normal Body

It is possible for a human being to grow to the size of the hulk with very intense training and well-managed diet plan for years. But it is impossible for him to get to normal human size in just a few seconds.

If we assume a man grows to the hulk in five seconds, it would take a ton of energy instantly converted into matter. And this is not an instantaneous process. Just think how much time/years, food/energy you take to grow from infant to an adult!

What happens to the Banner body when he transforms into the hulk?

He suddenly grows from 6 feet to nearly 10 feet. This means extra lengths to his veins, a larger heart, bigger lungs, bigger brain, denser and longer bones. And this transformation is impossible in a few seconds. Even if somehow he gets enormous energy for transformation, his body could not utilise and handle this transformation.

So, a real-world Hulk would not be feasible at the biological level.

Back to Normal Human

Let’s assume somehow he managed to grow into the hulk, how would he become a normal human being?

Hulk has a lot of mass and matter in his body as compared to the normal human being. If hulk transforms back into a man, he has to lose his extra matter in the form of energy (E=mc²).

Gamma rays are emitted during nuclear fission in nuclear explosions.
Gamma rays are emitted in nuclear explosions.

This means a big blast. Boom….. This would be similar to the blast of six ton of TNT.

Analysing all the aspects, simple answer to this question is that: It is not possible to become the Hulk.

Tell us in comments: Do you still want to be a real-world Hulk?

Will you enrol for hulk experiment if there will be any?

Rakesh Barwar
Rakesh Barwar
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