Boston Dynamics’ Robot Atlas shows off its skills!

Atlas is superior to Human in some ways, It can also do backflips and can balance itself very accurately.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot

Meet the Boston Dynamics’ Advanced Humanoid Robot “Atlas“. It might be everyone’s favourite robot that is learning new tricks day by day.

It is more advanced than any other robot present today and can do a lot more tasks than those silly & bulky robots.

Let us see features of “Atlas” and see what can it do?

What can Atlas Do?

Atlas is a bipedal humanoid robot and it had evolved fast in recent years. Here are the old videos in which you can see Atlas running, walking in snow, balancing itself after struck by a wood log.

It is really surprising to see the robot balancing itself after being pushed so hard. Will it be the next Terminator, in a few decades?

Push it, Throw it; Atlas will still do its task!

Atlas going for jogging.

It can:

  • do backflips.
  • easily handle payload up to 11kgs.
  • running.
  • open and hold doors.
  • balance itself while performing tasks.
  • a ton of sensors for consciousness.

And now, it can also do Parkour!

See Atlas doing Back-flips.

In the above video, you can see Atlas jumping on the blocks and doing some awesome back flips.

Did you see the full video?

It is a ROFL moment to see this Robot falling like a tod during the backflip.  😂😂😂

Now coming to the latest video:

Atlas is a Ninja

This is an awesome video, you can not find any blunder in this video. And many of us can not do all these activities, Atlas do here.

It is surprising that a robot is doing Parkour without losing its pace.

How Atlas Managed to do all this?

Atlas’ control system coordinates motions of its arms, torso and legs to accomplish whole-body movement, just like Humans.

It contains 28 joints for its smooth movement and stability.

Atlas’ hardware is made by 3D printing technology which saves its weight and space, making the overall robot’s body Compact.

Atlas is equipped with stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors which gives it the ability to interact with the environment.

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