Watch These Award Winning Videos of Microscopic World| Nikon Small World in Motion Competition 2018 Winners

There is a world we can see, and also another world exist we can’t see; that is Microscopic World and that is beautiful! The camera company Nikon & some brilliant creators give us a chance to peep into that world. Watch these awesome videos of Nikon Small World in Motion Competition 2018 Winners.

#1 Zebrafish Embryo

Dr. Elizabeth Haynes won the first place with this video. This is motion picture of Zebrafish embryo growing its elaborate sensory nervous system. This time-lapse visualized over 16 hours of development.

#2 Laser in Soap Solution

This video is taken by Dr. Miguel Bandres. This video shows Laser propagating inside a soap membrane. This video is my personal favorite. If you love those new iPhone Xs wallpapers then you will definitely love this video.

#3 Polychaete worm

Be Cautiousness,  if you are not so familiar with microbes or insects then don’t watch this video.

If you decided to watch this video you will see an organism playing his mouth organ. But this is not a Flute or Harmonica, the organism is actually trying to eat this prey!

#4 Daphnia giving birth

This 12 seconds video won the fourth place on the event. This video is quite intersecting, you can see a transparent fish like structure giving birth to its offspring.

#5 Dynamics of Actin cell skeleton

This video looks like a big nuclear bomb explosion in the microscopic world.

These were the top five winners of Nikon Small World in Motion Competition 2018, but there are much more to come on our site. We don’t believe in these positions and all the videos are splendid.

We are coming with more awesome microscopic pictures in our next post, till then stay tuned to The Last DNA & enjoy these awesome Films.

Rakesh Barwar
Rakesh Barwar
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