About us

Our Mission

To make Biotech so simple and exciting that everyone would love to know more about it.

Our Philosophy

“The Last DNA” exist to provide you with the accurate knowledge about Biotech and compare the concepts of comics to the reality.

We are here to build a community of learners who want the verified and accurate information/knowledge at one place. Here you can find answers to all of your questions.

We are working constantly to provide the best content in simple language and with easy understanding. We are bind to provide the best quality content to you.

We provide information that you need to know to improve your daily life with some easy science concepts. Satisfy your curiosity and expand your creativity!!

Our Story

Our journey starts when I didn’t find a website to solve all my query regarding science and biotech. I had to visit a lot of sites to get proper knowledge about any topic.

So I decided to make a website which can provide all that type of information, in addition, you can compare comics to the reality.

Our team

Meet the Founder and the wonderful team of dedicated writers.

Rakesh Barwar

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Last DNA. My passion for technology and biotechnology give rise to this awesome site. I write articles that can be easily understood by a majority of people, therefore making biotech simple and interesting!


Comics' Science Writer

A Marvel and DC fan! Writing articles not only from movies but also from the comics perspective. Enjoying my presence here.



Highly capable and motivated biotechnology professional. Understanding universal laboratory safety procedures and data storage protocols.



Just a Sciencophile.